In spring of 2020 everything stopped.

There’s not a single person on the face of this blue marble that doesn’t know this, so it hardly needs to be mentioned, but for so many it was a time of depression and despair. For many it was a time of fear, and many worried what the future might look like. Many were scared, sad, or feeling as though they were carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. There was a moment when things did seem rather bleak, but then a light shown through as the World collectively sat down, took a breath, and decided to do what was right to protect others, and it was truly a beautiful thing.

The Apocalypse Supper Club was born from this light, with the idea of bringing some friends together to entertain one another through the lockdown. It was to be a special place to share jokes, recipes, books, music, and art, and generally keep each other entertained during the global quarantine. 

The idea was a simple one: friends at a dinner party, enjoying good food, talking about art, music, current events, but always being mindful to be polite and stay away from politics which is a subject that is sure to ruin any decent party. 

So, there were two rules: 

  1. No Politics
  2. Be nice

Those were the only two rules, and as it turned out, they were exactly the right rules, and they worked.

Soon, friends invited friends, and those friends invited friends, and the Club began to grow. Everyone was enjoying themselves. New friendships were being made. Virtual cocktail parties; concerts; and more, were all happening within the Club. The members were a mixture of people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences, and everyone was getting along. By some strange, organic, twist of reality, all the meanness that was bubbling up everywhere outside of the ASC was non-existent within the virtual walls of what has come to be known as: The Nicest Place on the Internet.